Friday, August 5, 2011

My Fruit and Vegetable Juices

The Green Juice: Celery, mint, lettuce, cucumber, unflavored green tea (or coconut juice), pineapple, spinach

The Pink Juice: Turnip, Beet, Apple, Unflavored Green Tea

The Red Juice: Beets, carrots, ginger, pineapple, Water

The Yellow Juice: Lemon, ponkan, apple, ginger, pineapple, cayenne pepper, unflavored green tea

I have tried drinking as much as I could (probably a liter - a liter and a half of any juice/their combination). I do not restrict my diet. I try to eat healthy, but I do not deprive myself of a little rice or even dessert.

Im on my 4th day now, and the first compliment I have received was from a friend yesterday. She said I have clearer skin (without knowing that I am into these juices). I also feel better from the inside. I have better bowel movement, more vigor, better concentration. I do not feel hungry because I just drink more juice when I crave for anything to eat, and it's kind of filling. I think this (pseudo) detox regimen is working for me :)

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